Most Populer Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, Frugalprinters.com is our unique export brand, working internationally. We export our luxury stationery and packaging products to different countries.
We strive to assist our customers as much as possible with the lowest prices and the lowest orders. Much will depend on the type of product you need, for example, you can order a small quantity of 100 luxury Boxes and a small order of 200 twisted paper bags. Just ask us, and we are happy to discuss and adapt the production to your order as much as possible.
Yes, you can change or edit the design of your custom box within 2 to 3 days as you have ordered. But you cannot change it after 3 days. Because after three days, it has been sent to the production department, and there it is impossible to amend it as the template is installed on the presses, and the printing process has begun. Therefore, if you want to change the design of the box or anything else, just let us know within three days.
Yes, we do very well at the last minute with urgent orders. We have our advanced production plans and we can get jobs at the last minute with the assurance that you will receive your order on time and on budget. With faster services we will deliver using air and road routes.
Contact us and we will discuss your printing needs,
  • We will need an idea of the product size, price, any printing required, completion requirements, time scales, and any special delivery requirements.
  • Once we have completed the specification of your product we will send you our quotation.
  • Do not worry if you find it difficult to explain what you need, we know everything about the world of printing and packaging and we can easily guide you to different options.
  • Once you have verified this quotation we prepare the physical evidence. For urgent needs, we can send an email to the visual image of the product, or we can send a sample of the actual finished product (no additional cost of the white printed sample product, the actual product sample will incur a small additional cost).
  • After your final approval, we start the production process.
As soon as the products are out of the production line, we pack them, ship them for delivery.
For an instant quote just click the get free quote tab. You can contact us by phone or email. If you prefer to discuss your needs and are unsure of your specific needs or what kind of products are available, we are here to answer any of your questions and to choose the best products for your needs. In order to provide this quote, we will need information such as: Dimensions of the required product.
  • Required details of the product.
  • An artwork file for the printing.
  • Details of finishing requirements for the product.
  • Any special one-off requirements for the product.
  • Details of the delivery.
Of course we will assist every step of the process and will provide full photographic support until your artwork is signed up for printing. We know this category can be a bit technical, don't worry, it is there to help you. We can also assist with graphic design and preparation of works of art for basic logos. And, just ask.
  1. Use of the product
  2. Stock and Material
  3. Size: Length*Width*Height*Bottom Depth
  4. Surface Finish: Glossy or Matte
  5. Customized finishing: Gold/Silver Stamping, UV Spot, Embossed, Laser, or else
  6. Printing Color: CMYK or Pantone
  7. Art Work will be more appreciated.
Computer screens vary according to their 'display' colors. It is usually easy to refer to a particular Pantone color or code, www.pantone.co.uk, or check with us or your home designer if you have one. If we have a specific Pantone code we can refer to we know that printing color will be exact as per your requirement.
Yes. We can make and deliver quickly a non-printed sample of packaging products according to specified dimensions and shape. This will help you to see exactly what you are required before you give us your final ‘go-ahead’.
Yes, we can .this will give you an exact idea for your order. Once we have discussed your requirements we will know what kinds of samples are required to you.
Everything is included in the quote that we supply (Delivered at Place), from design and creation right through to delivery. The only extra costs there maybe would be for any special type of printing process otherwise there are no hidden charges.
Everyone. From small cosmetics industry to organizers of conferences and events, to supermarkets. We are happy to welcome customers from all over the world, whether they are retailers, event planners, highway stores, corporate businesses or whether they are retailers with their customers.
In fact, the vast majority of our customers will be selling packaging products, and we provide them with as much support and assistance as possible to expand their business, as well as respect their privacy. So whatever your packaging needs, please contact us to discuss them.
We never disclose personal information of customer to any third party. We only use your information to manage orders, deliver products and services, and communicate with you about orders
We can assure you that this will not happen. We will discuss you in detail before we even begin the process of producing all the details of your packaging product so we know you will be happy with the products. We have to be 100% sure you are happy with every detail, i.e. design, artwork, product type, quotation, delivery before we get to the production stage. We suggest that, as time permits, we send you an actual production sample of your product (with sample charges) so that you can see exactly what you will get, especially with multiple orders. Team frugalprinters.com is always available for your assistance.
The customer can place order online and make payments using the various payment methods indicated on the Site, following the instructions indicated for the purchase procedure. PayPal, Visa Card, American Express, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Direct Bank Transfer, Invoice payment.
We will keep you informed by email, or you can contact us to check on the status of the shipment.
Team frugalprinters.com is 24 / 7 available for your help. Our live chat / call agents are ready to assist you,